SHSSP20 TA Blog – Week 4

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After finishing the exam from core lectures, participants are ready to move on to the next TP phase. In SHSSP20, there are two team projects (TP). TP lunar farming is working in X1 led by chair: Gary Martin. TP access to space led by Chair: Jan Walter Schroeder and Associate Chair: Scott Schneider is based in the next building occupying three rooms. They both work efficiently but have different approaches toward the project.

The key to communicating well in a multi international environment is building trust. Each TP had a social event this week. TP access to space had fun TP social time in participant Samuel Hobbs’s house on Tuesday evening . He was kind enough to offer the team horse riding, barbecue, and star gazing. TP lunar farming went to the city of Adelaide to enjoy Indian dinner. Both teams united well through these activities.

Later in the week, chinese participants organized a table tennis tournament. This event was to take a break from stressful and intensive TP work. 43 out of 53 participants plus some staff members joined the competition. Not too surprisingly, the winners both for female and male were from China. However, the third prize for male was Australian and 2nd prize for female was from Romania. We all had a pleasant time and appreciated the diversity of our SHSSP20 mates.

On Friday, we had our final culture night. The countries represented were India, France, Italy, Turkey, and the United States. Two staff members Sebastien (Logistics) and Goktug (Director) kindly joined us. Takeaways are tasty real Italian carbonara, French wine and cheese, Turkish drinks, American apple pie and Indian dance.

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