SHSSP20 TA Blog – Week 3

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The week 3 kicked off with core lectures followed by interesting cubesat and robotics workshop sessions. The lecturers which we had during this week gave extensive knowledge on lunar heritage, space applications, remote sensing, space communications, astrobiology etc.

The participants enjoyed their cubesat and robotics workshop followed by their demonstration, there was a robot demonstration by the local school students which was appreciated by all. At the end there was a robotics competition for the participants.

The week end had a lot of social and cultural events to add a cherry on the cake, there was gala dinner for the participants and alumni as well as the local space enthusiasts. There was ISU Adelaide on Saturday which was very interesting and informative, there were lectures from the delegates Space masquerade which was held on Saturday was the most exciting highlight of the week, participants along with alumni and staff were dressed in spacey costumes, there was singing and dancing till midnight.

The week ended by the culture night which was exciting and full of fun!

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