SHSSP20 TA Blog – Week 2

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Week two brought another round of exciting lectures and activities to the SH-SSP. NASA’s Chief Scientist, James Green, took the participants on a tour of the solar system across four fascinating lectures. Further talks on mission design, finance, law, and propulsion saw the participants exposed to wide array of topics in space.

A highlight of the week came on Wednesday, when Associate Professor Alan Duffy challenged our idea of the universe in his talk, Darkness Visible Down Under, that explored Australia’s role in uncovering the nature of dark matter.

Week two also brought the first suite of elective workshops to the participants – providing the choice between designing and building rockets or a stratospheric balloon. Both workshops required close group cooperation and challenged the participants with many late nights of building.


On Saturday, the participants will travel in the early hours of the morning to the site of the rocket launch at Mallala Motorsport Park – but the day does not end there! After the rocket launch, the participants will travel to Taylors Winery for the release of the stratospheric balloon. With the day finally coming to close, the participants will return to Mawson Lakes for a special Lunar New Year dinner.

To top off everything, week two also saw the participants sitting the midterm quiz! We encourage the participants to find the time to relax and unwind over Australia Day on Sunday before the next wave of activities begins on Monday.

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