SHSSP20 TA Blog – Week 1

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The first week kicks off starting with the opening ceremony, core lecture sessions and exhaustive TP sessions.
The opening ceremony was a huge success with 13 participating nations and 53 participants! The participants were very excited and proud to represent their country on such a huge platform.

The excitement and curiosity of the participants is increasing day by day, the core lecture sessions were started by the introduction to the core lecture series by our beloved director followed by introduction to the space age and principles of space laws.

In the evening we have an interesting session of ‘My space journey’ in which the participants get to share their views about their space journeys so far.
On the 16th there was a very interesting lecture by Paolo Nespoli about his journey of being an astronaut, the lecture was thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants.

The astronaut training workshop was a total lit, the participants had to undergo smell test, vision test etc and this session turned out very interesting for the participants. On the 18th of January we had the Rube Goldberg machine building followed by astronaut panel. In the rube Goldberg machine building the participants showed a lot of creativity in building the machines. The astronaut panel was a star event in the evening, Paolo Nespoli and Walter Peeters were the speakers, local people were invited for the program which included a lot of kids. The questions raised by the kids were very intriguing.
Week 1 was a very interesting and a happening one!!

Rube Goldberg machine building

Astronaut Panel