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ISU alumni Julien Villa-Massone, Cecile Renaud, Herve Cadiou, Abhishek Diggewadi, Jonas Tobiassen, Tommaso Tonina, Lisa Kucher, Christian Thaler-Wolski and Scott Schneider supported by ISU’s alumni representative Halit Mirahmetoglu and ISU staff Nassim Bovet, Goktug Karacalioglu, Joel Herrmann and Geraldine Moser are compiling an out of this world virtual ISU alumni conference for the summer of 2020.

We need your help to make this event an even more memorable one: share your ideas, offer to give a talk, propose a keynote speaker, propose an online game, join the organization team:

>> Share your ideas or join the team <<

To remain an inclusive university for participants and faculty from all countries this summer, ISU board decided to offer the online Interactive Space Program (ISP). The ISU Alumni Conference will take place online as well.

This is an incredible opportunity to allow the largest number to participate in this annual meeting!

This conference will bring together old and new ISU students to talk about space. An opportunity to meet your classmates and network with a wide variety of space professionals, from the comfort of your home.

The Alumni Conference 2020 takes place from August 7th to 9th.

The preliminary schedule is as follows:

Friday August 7th    
            Start of team challenges
            Local dinner (in-person meet-ups all around the world)

Saturday August 8th Day inclusive of current ISP class
            Industry and Alumni talks
            Team work on challenge
            Space Mascarade from home! (or in-person meet-ups all around the world)

Sunday August 9th   Day dedicated to Alumni
            Entrepreneurship panel
            Online games
            Challenge results

Sharing our common passion and staying connected with each other has always been the goal of ISU Alumni Conferences. Let’s continue in this way, and make this weekend together even more unique and fun than ever!

>> Register for the Alumni Conference 2020 <<

The ISU is always delighted to receive your donations and thanks you for your continued support. Please keep contributing to allow the ISU to achieve its goal: transmit knowledge and passion for space. 

Please follow this link for donations.

Further info about the conference will be posted here.

ISU Alumni Conference 2020 registration site.

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