Research lunches at ISU – come and discuss the latest space research!

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The Central Campus of the International Space University ISU has started a new seminar series to discuss research related to space, performed within its walls, on the Parc d’Innovation d’Illkirch-Graffenstaden, or by our visitors and lecturers. Please join us for informal discussions!

After an inaugural lunch on October 16, we’ll have our research lunch every two or three weeks at 12:45, typically on Wednesdays but we’ll adjust to the constraints of the speaker. At that time of the day, most students and researchers of ISU and local university departments and companies usually have a free slot to meet and discuss the latest developments of their own research, or of the studies of our visitors and lecturers.

The format is to have first an (informal) 30-min presentation, followed by a 15-min paper discussion, or conference summary, both favoring interruptions and interactions!

Next lunches:

November 20: Vasilis Zervos (ISU)
December 4: James Hurell and Hameed Mohamed
January 8: Gongling Sun (ISU)

Previous lunches:

November 6: Jean-Marie Hameury (Observatoire de Strasbourg): CNES science projects, followed by a summary of the IAC of Washington
October 16: Bertrand Goldman: What the ESA Gaia mission tells us about nearby comoving stars; paper: Virginia Wötring: The NASA Twins studies.

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