Prospective students and participants from around the world invited to discover ISU’s programs

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As the pandemics further prevents us to meet and present our educational programs in the various forums of the space world community, the International Space University (ISU) invited on 30th January and 06th February 2021 prospective students and participants to join one of three events, during which they could learn more about those programs that we will offer in 2021 and 2022. Attendees could attend an Europe-Africa event at 16:00 CET, the Americas event right afterwards at 13:00 EST, or the Asia-Pacific event on February 6 at 17:30 ACDT, right after the ISU Adelaide conference, and some, even attended all three!

This online open day started with the ISU Chancellor Pascale Ehrenfreund, Jean-Yves Le Gall of CNES, and high profiles alumni such as Élodie Viau of ESA or Val Munsami of SANSA how the interdisciplinary and international environment provided by ISU helps them and other succeed in today’s space world. They were joined by Jim Green of NASA and Chris Sallaberger, Chair of ISU board of trustees, took questions from the audience and discussed the contribution of ISU alumni to the space economy and how the community of ISU alumni helps bring space projects forward. The recording of that discussion can be found on the dedicated Discover ISU! web page.

In all three events, the head of admissions and program directors explained the goals and teaching methods of each program, as well as the admission process:


Alumni from around the world delivered powerful testimonials about their ISU experience, during and after the programs. Finally breakout rooms were organized for each program and attendees could meet with alumni of those programs, as well as the director, and ask questions about the delivery, format, curriculum, general experience and career path after graduating.

The formal presentations by the Admissions Lead and program directors and testimonials are also available on ISU’s Youtube channel and the Discover ISU! web page. ISU will organize a similar event in the course of November 2021. Stay tuned!

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