Following ISU's interdisciplinary ethos, our researchers study all fields related to space.

Dr. Bertrand Goldman

Studies the stellar content of the Solar neighbourhood using extremely large datasets.

Dr.  Hugh Hill

Studies the solar system, with a strong interest for outreach.

Prof. Walter Peeters

Studies the conditions of financing and the organization of New Space startups.

Ms. Danijela Stupar

Studies the technologies required to build habitats using the Moon’s regolith.

Prof. Gongling Sun

Works on business development, large project management, project financing and insurance for the joint programs between China and Europe.

Assistant Prof. Taiwo Tejumola

Researches technologies used in small sats, and their application.

Prof. Chris Welch

Researches astronautics, space technologies and cultural aspects of space.
Head of the Space Payloads Laboratory

Dr. Virginia Wotring

Studies the changes in physiology and pharmacology that occur in the extrem environment of a space mission.

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