MSS19 Internship Stories: Tongtong Chen at Space Applications Services

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Tongtong Chen, one of the International Space University (ISU) Master of Space Studies (MSS19) students, is currently carrying out his internship at Space Application Services (SAS) in Brussels.

Space Applications Services is an independent Belgian company founded in 1987. The mission of the company is to research and develop innovative products and provide services to aerospace, security markets, and related industries. Currently, its business covers ICE Cubes, LUVMI, spacecraft payload, robotic systems, and various kinds of information systems.

I am part of the systems department and I work for the Planetary Robots deployed for Assembly and Construction Tasks (PRO-ACT) project. In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) is one of the best alternatives to enable sustainability in lunar exploration. The PRO-ACT project aims to deploy multiple robots for the ISRU on the Moon. I am developing highly precise beacon-based localization algorithms for the robots when they need to cooperate.

I am really enjoying the corporate culture in Belgium; SAS’s atmosphere is really good. Every now and then, employees organize after-work parties to get together and get to know each other better.

I am living in the center of Brussels. I enjoy the Belgian culture and food (especially beer, chocolate, and waffles) and friendliness. The geographical position of Brussels also allows me to visit many different cities in Europe during the weekends.

Picture credits:

Picture 1: Tongtong Chen. MSS19 student Tongtong Chen (left) with Shashank Govindaraj, his internship supervisor.
Picture 2: Tongtong Chen. From left to right: Maxime Libert (intern at Space Applications Services), Alejandro Sela (project manager and systems engineer at Space Applications Services) and MSS19 student Tongtong Chen

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