MSS19 Internship Stories : Alexandria Farias at SES Astra, Luxembourg

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Alexandria Farias, one of the International Space University (ISU) Master of Space Studies (MSS19) students, is currently carrying out a 12-week internship at SES Astra, Luxembourg.

"Today marks the completion of a three-month internship at SES Astra in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, in the position of ‘Intern – Strategy and Market Intelligence’. This internship has been an excellent opportunity to explore the strategy and market trends in the satellite industry. SES, as one of the world’s leading satellite operators, has excellent opportunities for students looking to explore the business of commercial satellites. The position has allowed access to a large library of resources and a vast network of individuals who have been in the satellite industry throughout its history. While there will certainly be several changes in the upcoming years, SES has made many plans to keep abreast of these and position themselves well in the market, including plans to expand their 03b constellation in MEO with an additional seven satellites for their mPower constellation by 2021. The opportunity to analyze the satellite market from within one of the largest satellite companies has been invaluable and has really given me an excellent overview of how much is changing in the industry. SES is located on the site of a Chateau previously owned by the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, situated in Betzdorf in the beautiful Luxembourg countryside. My first office was situated in the Chateau and about halfway through we moved to the newer ‘ABC’ round building that now houses most of the offices. The view from the building is spectacular and overlooks the beautiful fields surrounding the area. The drive to work from Trier, Germany, was one of the most beautiful and peaceful commutes I have ever had!"

Picture credits: Alexandria Farias.

Picture 1: internship supervisor Harald Ulrich (Senior Manager in the Strategy and Marketing Intelligence Team) and Alexandria Farias in front of the Chateau.  
Picture 2: Alexandria’s induction group in front of a replica of Falcon 9 rocket now used to launch SES satellites.  SES was the first satellite operator that launched on a previously flown Falcon 9 in 2017.

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