Ms. Dimitra Stefoudi

Associate Chair, Space Policy and Law

Dimitra is part of the Research and Teaching Staff of the International Institute of Air & Space Law of Leiden University, and Assistant Secretary of The Hague International Space Resources Governance Working Group.

She is currently PhD Candidate at Leiden University, writing on “Legal and Policy Aspects of Space Big Data”, with the support of the Netherlands Space Office and the European Space Agency. She is an Adv. LL.M. graduate of Air and Space Law from Leiden University and holds a Master in International Business Law from Tilburg University and a Bachelor in Law from the Law School of Athens.

She has attended several academic events and has presented her research in numerous international conferences. She is currently focusing on the legal aspects of space big data, the governance of space resources, as well as issues of general international space law.

Dimitra is an ISU SSP16 alumna and has participated in SSP18 as lecturer.

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