Mr. Rob Postema

Rob Postema is working in the Columbus 2030 Engineering Team of the Human and Robotics Exploration Department at the European Space Agency.

His responsibilities include the procurement, coordination of development and sustaining engineering of ESA facilities and demonstrators operated on the International Space Station. As a Technical Officer, Rob represents ESA towards industry in securing that the industrial activities are in line with the perspective and objectives of ESA. His office is at the ESA Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.


Prior to joining ESA, Rob has worked for Dutch Space and Systems (now Airbus Space and Defense, The Netherlands) in the field of Sounding Rocket payload development and operations. In 1997, he changed to Logica (now CGI) as a business development manager for downstream applications and services using satellite data and capabilities.

In 2010, Rob joined ESA. Initially he joined the ESA Integrated Applications Promotion programme as a feasibility studies manager, before changing to his present position.

Rob holds a M.Sc. in aerospace engineering, and graduated with a thesis on the subject of tethered satellites.

Rob has been an ISU participant in SSP 1994, held in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and has been a visiting lecturer during SSP 1996 in Vienna. He has been the Co-Chair of the Team Project “Lunar Night Survival” in the 2018 SSP held in his home country, The Netherlands, and co-hosted by the organisation he is working for, ESA.

Rob is a passionate photographer, focusing on wildlife and landscapes, and enthusiastic cyclist, both a racing bike as well as mountain bike.

In the SSP 2021, Rob will contribute as the Co-Chair for the Team Project “Solutions for Construction of a Lunar Base”.

Rob is looking forward to meet the participants and aim for a great ISU Summer Session and successful Team Project.

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