Mr. Joseph Pellegrino

Co-Chair, Space Engineering

Mr. Pellegrino earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M.

His first assignment was at the NASA Johnson Space Center (Houston, Texas) where he trained the crews of three successful Space Shuttle missions. He also led the Major Modifications Upgrade to the Space Shuttle Columbia at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in California.

He then accepted a position at the Canadian Space Agency (Montreal, Canada) where he worked on several robotic programs. He then transferred to Boeing Satellites Systems (El Segundo, California). At Boeing, he served as the Spacecraft Manager for three large satellite programs (Anik F1, TDRS-I and TDRS-J).

During this period, he led over 12 launch campaigns at NASA Kennedy Space Agency, French Guiana, Baikonur and the Sea Launch Platform. He then transferred with Boeing to the NASA Kennedy Space Center. There he served as an integration lead for the International Space Station and as a Space Shuttle Payload lead. While at KSC, he was assigned to a temporary assignment in Turin, Italy where served as the Cupola Lead.

He also attained certification as a crawler driver. He then transferred to the Orbital ATK office in Pasadena, California. There he served as the Pasadena Office General Manager and worked on several Mars rover missions and interplanetary exploration programs at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

He then transferred with Orbital ATK to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He served as the Restore L Deputy Project Manager. Restore L is spacecraft designed to refuel another satellite not designed for servicing. In 2018, he accepted a position with OneWeb at the NASA Kennedy Space Center. He currently serves as the spacecraft production lead. OneWeb will build and launch 900 satellites at a dedicated factory which opened this summer. This constellation of satellites will provide high-speed internet to the entire planet. He is very involved in inspiring young children to pursue careers in science and engineering. In 2016, he led a cubesat program with his son’s grade school. This was the first time a grade school designed, built, tested and launched at spacecraft.


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