Dr. Francois spiero

Francois Spiero studied science and engineering in France (Ecole Centrale de Lyon) and in the USA (Cornell University), and also at ISU (SSP’89). After receiving his Ph.D. in Space Studies in 1990, he went to ESA/ESTEC and worked there in several fields, particularly in planetary exploration and Earth observation.

Francois Spiero then joined CNES in 1997 and became a member of the French delegation to ESA. In 2004, he was appointed Manager of Human Spaceflight and Exploration at CNES. In that capacity, Francois Spiero dealt with ISS and astronaut affairs, parabolic flights and human exploration. He chaired various European and international committees, such as ESA’s Exploration and Utilisation Board, the International Space Life Sciences Working Group and the Science Working Group of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group. He was also the CNES Programme Manager of the French astronaut’s mission on board the ISS in 2016-2017.

After that mission, Francois Spiero got involved in the fields of innovation and anticipation and eventually became the CNES Strategic Foresight Manager. He is currently in charge of the ‘Space Foresight Observatory’ related to long-term space activities, with a particular focus on future human settlements on the Moon and Mars.

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