Mr. Antonio Martelo Gómez

Antonio Martelo is a space systems engineer working in the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Bremen, Germany.

His current position comprises the responsibility for the Concurrent Engineering Facility (CEF) as a section head.

Amongst other tasks the work encompasses CE-study operation as team leader (or domain expert) and CE process development, the acquisition and execution of projects and studies, the dissemination of results and external communication, and administrative aspects associated to the facility (e.g. scheduling, financial management, operational planning).

Prior to joining DLR, Antonio worked for five years as a business developer in the European space-market before reorienting his professional career towards space systems engineering.

Antonio holds degrees in Telecommunications Engineering (B.Eng+MSc), Radio-astronomy and Space Science (MSc), and Space Systems Engineering (MSc).

As a participant of SSP 2017 and TA in SSP 2018, Antonio feels excited to return to this new SSP edition, having found both the program and the community inspiring and exciting.

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