More than 200 ISU Alumni at IAC19 in Washington DC

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The International Astronautical Congress IAC has been a major opportunity for ISU to showcase its growing alumni base: dozens of them presented papers with strong connections to recent Team Projects. Here is a summary of the most salient highlights of the week.

And more than 200 alumni attended the traditional reception on 23 October. The event was co-organized with Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and the IAF’s Young Professionals Committee. It gathered a total of over 400 participants and included a pitch competition moderated by Goktug and including several alumni as contenders and as jury members.

On Sunday 20th, the Board of Trustees held its third meeting of the year, discussed upcoming programs and agreed on a new strategic plan for the University.
In the name of ISU, Dr. Taiwo Tejumola received an award for a cubesat proposal that he had coordinated. The award was handed by cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, with the event giving good visibility to ISU’s new Space Payloads Lab initiative.
The location of the ISU booth in the centre of the Exhibition Hall with the poster of Jessica Meir serving as collector of signatures made it a hub for virtually non-stop meetings and productive conversations.
The ISU booth also hosted the signature of an agreement with UNISEC to reinforce our student recruitment in Japan.
The Heinlein Prize Trust (that provides student loans to ISU and has a seat on our BOT) generously offered their booth for ISU promotion and allowed us to conduct some of our meetings that did not fit in the ISU booth, such as a pre-scheduled discussion with a delegation led by the African Union’s Commissioner for Higher Education and Research Dr. Sarah Anyang.
All in all, the Faculty and Staff made extensive use of the IAC to cultivate our relations with stakeholders in the US and elsewhere, established links with potential new partners and with numerous prospect students.

High-level meetings were held with representatives from the African Union, Brazil, Canada, Central America, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea and the USA.

To top of all of it, ISU also showcased Hydra 3 at IAC for 3 consecutive days, which was a big achievement for Space Payload Laboratory SPL engineering team. “The experiment might be the world’s first interactive art work in space and is currently installed in the ICF facility on the International Space Station ISS.” said Yadvender Singh Dhillon, project engineer at ISU.

ISU @IAC19 memories can be found here!

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