ISU’s new services to entrepreneurs for this summer and autumn

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Whether you are an entrepreneur in a space-related business or planning to become one, here are two new services for you:

  • ISU’s inaugural Interactive Space Program will give you detailed knowledge and valuable contacts on who is who in the world of Space and Public Health. The 5-week program starts on 20 July and will run 100% remotely. You will learn how to conduct team work successfully in a distributed scenario as if you were a crew member in a geographically distributed scenario on a mission to prepare humanity for the next pandemic.
  • ISU’s brand-new Space Incubator is open to alumni and other space-interested entrepreneurs who want to set up their business in a space-related field, as soon as the pandemic situation will allow opening business at the ISU Campus in Strasbourg, but preparatory activities can already start now. This article gives you more details.


The advantages for ISU alumni start-ups include access to experts from the global ISU Faculty, from the local RhineSpace accelerator, to the local research and innovation environment in the Strasbourg region, (we can provide some figures or advantageous ranking, to highlight this affirmation) to funding sources, entrepreneurship coaching, and to ISU students for internships and subsequent recruitment.

In a survey conducted last year, more than two thirds of recent ISU graduates responded that they would join an ISU incubator if this would be available.

The ISU Board of Trustees, the local authorities in the Strasbourg region and the network of European Space Agency Business Incubation Centers (ESA BIC) are proud to offer the following services:

– Dedicated office space at ISU’s Central Campus, with up to twelve offices by the end of 2020 and a shared meeting room to accommodate space-related start-ups.

– Pre-incubation services and office equipment are funded through a three-year grant from the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg.

– Access to the rich local technology innovation ecosystem, comprising a number of clusters addressing the smart cities challenges, driverless vehicles technologies, new materials, biosciences, chemistry, medical technologies, robotics and image processing.

– Incubation coaching through a partnership with SEMIA, an officially recognized local incubator.

– Prescription for funding from the French Grand Est Region can be provided by SEMIA.

– Incubation services for established start-ups are coordinated by a full-time expert in innovation management, recently appointed by the local Strasbourg authorities.

– A dedicated accelerator, RhineSpace had been set up to help start-ups using satellite data get into their next financing phase.

A few months after the incubator was inaugurated, two companies have settled in the incubator:

WATERSHED MONITORING, a company with Canadian roots developing and marketing innovative solutions for improved water management, and now working to enhance its service offering through the integration of satelite remote sensing data.

TERREMYS conducts magnetic surveys with UAVs and offers an innovative service in the measurement, processing and interpretation of magnetic data.

Several start-up initiatives by ISU alumni from recent MSS and SSP programs are considering a move to Strasbourg in the near future. The founders of these initiatives come from Canada, El Salvador, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain and the USA. Some have already been accepted into the ESA BIC scheme and will open office at ISU’s Central Campus as soon as the pandemic situation will allow.

Depending on the specific needs of each start-up and under certain conditions, incubated companies can benefit from different levels of funding at different stages of their growth:

– Seed money can be provided through the ESA-BIC scheme (2 x 25,000 Euro)

– Initial funding can also be arranged vial local funds, up to 200,000 Euro during two years, depending on the (innovative) nature of the project.

– For subsequent financing rounds, ISU is preparing arrangements with Venture Capital funds to facilitate access to its incubated companies.

For more details, contact the incubator coordinator and ISU MSS 2003 alumnus Mr Yannick Lafue:

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