ISU’s Master program will start in hybrid mode next September

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The International Space Univeristy (ISU) will offer its Master of Space Studies (MSS21) to all admitted students, regardless of the geographical location that may be imposed on them by health or visa restrictions.

The French  government expects universities to open to students after the summer. For this, ISU has a safe environment at its Central Campus in Strasbourg for all admitted students who are able to physically attend classes, in full respect of the sanitary prescriptions in place and their possible evolution in coming months.

MSS21 will start in early September 2020, with student registrations beginning on Monday 31 August.

For students needing a visa to study in France, it is now possible to apply online using the France-Visa portal, with academic studies being one of the priority categories.

Prof. Chris Welch, ISU MSS program director confirms:

“ISU will run a program which is – at least at the start – a hybrid one, delivering classes at the Central Campus for those students who are able to join in person but also remotely for those students who cannot travel to Strasbourg in time for the start of the academic year (but who we hope and expect to join us in due course).”

The ISU Faculty and staff are committed to deliver the very best program given the unusual constraints and will do their best to support students in these somewhat unpredictable circumstances. 

Welcome to Strasbourg, virtually and in person!

Further information about ISU’s Master program, including registration details, can be found here.


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