ISU MSS19 “Sustainable Moon” Team Project Wins Moon Village Award

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The MSS19 “Sustainable Moon” Team Project was awarded the first annual Moon Village Principles Activities Award in Tokyo, Japan during the 3rd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium, 2019. The Sustainable Moon team is honored and grateful to be the recipient of this groundbreaking award.

The goals of the 3rd International Moon Village Workshop & Symposium were to present issues on the establishment of a society on the Moon and discuss on-going and planned lunar programs. The Workshop and Symposium also aimed to provide networking opportunities for those interested in Moon Village’s activities in various fields of industry, government, and academia. A full recording of the 2019 Workshop can be found on the Moon Village Association YouTube channel.

In December 2018, the Moon Village Association published its “Moon Village Principles.” These principles clearly state how lunar missions and other lunar activities might most effectively realize the Moon Village concept. This includes key areas such as acquiring knowledge of the Moon, establishing standards, proving important technologies, and engaging the public.

The Moon Village Principles serve to make a significant contribution to cooperation in the Moon Village without formal agreements or regulatory instruments. Instead, they encourage missions and activities that represent the consensus point of view of the Moon Village Association, without strict binding, and define the boundary of the Moon Village implementation.
The International Space University ISU hosted the first Moon Village Association MVA workshop in November 2017 including the participation of its Master of Space Studies MSS class.

By ISU MSS19 alumnus Scott Ritter

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