ISU MSS alumni start-up joins the ISU incubator

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Leanspace is formed by a group of experienced professionals and will commercialize a novel digital platform product which they have developed. Interesting to note is that some of the founders stem from the ISU family, together with other experts from the industry. Indeed, the CEO of the group, Guillaume Tanier is an MSS11 graduate, whereas the VP of Engineering, Stan Kaethler, graduated from MSS16 and in addition delivered a year-B thesis in 2018.

Guillaume Tanier, CEO

Stan Kaethler, VP Engineering

Alvaro Alonso, CCO

Gaurav Lanjekar, CTO

On the location in ISU, Guillaume Tanier, gave the following explanation:

“Our product brings a disruptive concept to the space industry, which covers many space disciplines and serves clients in the entire space value chain. We need our people to have an interdisciplinary background, an innovative mindset, and to be fanatics about making the space economy go further. We feel we can best recruit in ISU. We are actively growing our R&D and business teams; several vacancies are already published and we are interviewing talents to join us in our offices at the ISU campus. ISU is from this perspective for us THE place to be!”

ISU is in discussion with a few other teams formed by SSP and MSS alumni and hope they will soon follow this example of Leanspace.

Click here for further information on the ISU incubator.

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