ISU-FIT Commercial Space Program Welcomes an Exceptional Cohort

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The ISU-FIT Commercial Space Program welcomed an exceptional cohort of 19 students to our program this year.  Our class is tremendously diverse along all lines.  43%  of the participants are women.  From an educational standpoint there is a 60/40 split between students with a technical background and those with business or social sciences education.  Geographically,  40% of the students were born outside the US.  And there was also a nice Oby-Wan/Padiwan split with 57% of the students making the shift to space from well-established careers ranging from nuclear physics to the oil and gas industry.   The two things they all have in common are a passion for space and a desire to become members of the ISU community.

Dr Andrew Aldrin, Director of the Center for Space Entrepreneurship says:

“We are expecting great things from this class.  The 2021 cohort may even eclipse last year when we had 4 teams take their business concepts to market.  We are online for now, but we will be in touch with you all when we get together at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida from July 12th to the 23rd.”

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