ISU faculty promotions and new appointments

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The ISU Academic Council (AC) and the Committee on Academic Appointment, Review and Evaluation (CARE) have recommended the following promotions and appointments:

Dr. Virginia Wotring, member of the Central Campus Resident Faculty, is promoted to Full Professor.

Dr. Hugh Hill, member of the Central Campus Resident Faculty, is promoted to Full Professor.

The following members of the ISU Global Faculty are appointed as Chairs in charge of the academic planning and delivery of the main components of the SSP21 curriculum: Core Lectures, Department Activities and Team Projects (TP):

Core Lecture Series
Prof. Chris Welch, Core Co-Chair
Dr. Angie Bukley, Core Co-Chair

Human Performance in Space Department
Dr. Ana Diaz Artiles, Co-Chair
Dr. Tricia Larose, Co-Chair

Space Applications Department
Dr. Su-Yin Tan, Co-Chair
Dr. Antonio Yukio Ueta, Co-Chair
Mr. Bill Hamm, Associate Chair

Space Engineering Department
Dr. Daniel Garcia Yarnoz, Co-Chair
Mr. Joe Pellegrino, Co-Chair

Space Humanities Department
Ms. Kerrie Dougherty, Co-Chair
Mr. Nahum Romero Zamora, Co-Chair

Space Management and Business Department
Ms. Natalia Larrea Brito, Co-Chair
Prof. Walter Peeters, Co-Chair
Dr. Veronica La Regina, Associate Chair

Space Economics, Policy, and Law Department
Prof. Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Co-Chair
Ms. Dimitra Stefoudi, Co-Chair

Space Sciences Department
Dr. Geoff Steeves, Co-Chair
Dr. Michaela Musilova, Co-Chair

TP Advanced Agriculture and Nutrition for Long-Term Space Missions and Permanent Off World Settlements
Dr. François Spiero, Co-Chair
Dr. Vanessa Martos Nuñez, Co-Chair

TP Intercontinental Sub-Orbital Commercial Liner
Dr. Jan Walter Schroeder, Co-Chair
Dr. Liang Chen, Co-Chair

TP International Cooperation on the Use of the China Space Station
Mr. Gary Martin, Co-Chair
Dr. Yang Yang, Co-Chair
Prof. Gongling Sun, Co-Chair

TP On-Orbit Mobility and Manipulation
Prof. Pete Worden, Chair
Mr. Dillon O’Reilly, Associate Chair

TP Solutions for Construction of a Lunar Base
Mr. Rob Postema, Co-Chair
Mr. Matthew Sorgenfrei, Co-Chair
Mr. Antonio Martelo Gómez, Associate Chair

TP The Golden Human Record MK II
Dr. Reinhold Ewald, Co-Chair
Dr. Niamh Shaw, Co-Chair
Ms. Adelia Drego, Associate Chair

Space English Access Course & Content Review
Ms. Carol Carnett JD, Lead

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