ISU committed to play a role in saving planet Earth

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ISU MSS20 student Giuliana Rotola writes:

“Since 1974, World Environment Day has been celebrated every year on June 5th. The theme addressed in 2020 is “Biodiversity,” a particularly relevant topic as it serves to recognize the complex and indissoluble interrelationship between the physical environment and its species. Biodiversity represents the variety of living organisms and their variability in the ecosystem in which they exist. This interdependence implies that every action we perform has an irreversible effect on the environment surrounding us and on the species that inhabit it.

The importance of space-based technologies in monitoring and supporting sustainable development and the biodiversity of our planet plays a central role in education at the International Space University.

For this reason, during the past year, we created a discussion group on climate change and our role in preventing an ecological crisis.

The aim is to commit ourselves to environmental sustainability, implementing a management model of activities that, through good practices, makes us understand the strong impact that each individual can have on the environment and the community.

We have identified a series of areas of sustainability practices, and we are creating guidelines applicable to the staff, students, collaborators, and the ISU community to promote greater environmental awareness.

The climate crisis is an urgent problem that can be overcome only through more significant ecological and social responsibility, and we, at the International Space University, are personally committed to play our role in saving the planet.”

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