ISU’s call for solidarity – Read ISU’s April 2020 Newsletter

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We hope that this Newsletter finds you well. When you will read these lines, everyone from Central Campus will be ending the fifth week of remote operations. An MSS20 class representative has described on the ISU website how everyone is adapting “insieme” to the new way of life and how human interaction is encouraged in a situation of confinement.

The Faculty, Students Affairs and even the Library are now offering adapted remote services.

The ISU global Faculty has gained new members, now qualified to train the new space professionals, both face-to-face and remotely, in ISU’s well known 3I mode.

ISU co-founder Peter Diamandis shares in a recent video his view on the current pandemic  with what he calls “data driven optimism.

This newsletter brings to you stories of ISU alumni who are implementing the founders’ vision of ISU as a “ place where students and scholars …/… apply their knowledge to the betterment of the human condition”). Jessica Meir (MSS00) has sent us a video message during her six-month mission onboard the ISS, and on the topic of confinement, Adrianos Golemis (MSS 13) and Beth Healey (SSP17) report as medical doctors at Concordia station in Antarctica, and Diego Urbina (MSS09) on his 17 months as a crew member on the Mars500 mission.

Other alumni help spread the knowledge through webinars and podcasts. Scroll down to learn more about the new multidisciplinary Space Business Podcast, that brings insights on how large and small space companies will evolve.

Read on and you will learn how the ISU Commercial Space Program at FloridaTech CSP20 will start next month in a virtual mode.

Help us move towards the global Space Analog

Our Credo also sets the objective for ISU “…to be an integral part of Humanity’s movement into the Cosmos”. The current pandemic situation is an opportunity for ISU to embark in tele education and offer remote courses. Some concepts have been proposed in Team Project reports as early as 1992 “ISUnet”, but also in 2012 “Space and STEM”,  in 2013 “Common Horizons”, in 2015 “Vision 2040” and in 2019 “Space 2030”.

Do you imagine a virtual ISU program that would prepare students to the challenges of producing quality work in a distributed environment, such as teams on Earth, orbit, the Moon, Mars, and interplanetary space?

Could you imagine Core Lectures being streamed live or pre-recorded? Would you volunteer to assume a role as mentor/coach/facilitator for a few students? Would you participate in mentoring sessions to help put the material in interdisciplinary context? This would provide interaction between participants and experienced professionals and would involve distance collaboration on a Team Project!

Would you have liked to have multiple mentors when you were studying at ISU?

Stay tuned as some of this might actually happen this Summer, and let us know right away if you want to contribute some of your time as a mentor.

Your mind is these days perhaps in the right mode to think about new Team Project topics about how Space can help with major challenges such as bushfires or pandemics. Scroll down to find out how to submit your TP ideas.

Your pledge

In addition to volunteering your time and your ideas, ISU needs financial contributions and your solidarity will be very appreciated during this year of special challenges. This is the year when you can make a difference in allowing underrepresented groups to access ISU’s education:

  • If you benefited from financial help to attend an ISU program and gave your moral commitment to a payback, this is the right time for you to confirm your installments. Remember that you can receive a tax receipt for them.
  • If you want to help a promising young graduate from an underrepresented group, make a donation, no matter how small. This video tells you why your donation makes a difference.


–> The full Newsletter can be found here.

Wishing you health and strength and looking forward to seeing you soon in person.

Juan de Dalmau


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