ISU Appoints New Members of the ISU Global Faculty

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Every year, the ISU Committee on Academic Appointment, Review and Evaluation (CARE) works with the Academic Council (AC) and the ISU Dean to review the contributions made by individuals to the ISU Academic Programs. The Program Directors and coordinators of the MSS, SSP, SHSSP, ESC, and the newly initiated Commercial Space Program (CSP) report on the number of teaching days for everyone who contributes academic content to one of these programs. Once an individual acquires the requisite number of teaching days to be appointed, the CARE presents the nominees to the AC for endorsement followed by appointment by the ISU Dean. Details on this process are in Chapter III of the ISU Academic Handbook, which can be downloaded here.

This year, eight individuals have met the requirements for and been appointed to the ISU Faculty, including Emmanouil Detsis, Marcelo Ingrassia, Chris Johnson, Ofer Lapid, Bob Shishko, François Spiero, Diego Urbina, and Gerhard Haerendel (returning).

Four individuals have met the requirements and been appointed to the ISU Adjunct Faculty, including Michaela Musilova, Cory Newman, Ewan Reid, and Niamh Shaw.

Associate Faculty is special category for individuals who have previously earned the rank of Faculty, but because of various reasons, predominantly increased responsibility in their professional positions, have not been able to maintain the currency requirements. This year, ISU has appointed ten new Associate Faculty members, including Phillippe Berthe, Milan Cermack, Stacey Falzarano, Arthur Guest, Ozgur Gurtuna, Doug Hamilton, Wiley Larson, Annelie Schoenmaker, and Alex Seneta.

Finally, in recognition of their long-term commitment and outstanding service to ISU over many years, eleven new Faculty Emeritus appointees were named this year. They are Oleg Atkov, Alberto Behar (posthumously), Ben Finney (posthumously), Yoshinori Fujimori, Henry Hertzfeld, Vladimir Litkin, Scott Madry, Yoshiki Morino, Chiaki Mukai, Didier Schmitt, and Harry Tuinder.

Please join ISU in congratulating these individuals on their accomplishment. ISU is especially grateful to those Global Faculty members who volunteer their time to make our programs the best that they can be! The full list of ISU faculty members is here (scroll down the page to see all).

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