ISU appoints Gary Martin as VP, North American Operations

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The International Space University’s Board of Trustees has appointed Mr. Gary Martin as Vice President for North American Operations. He has taken office on 20 January in succession of Mr. Steve Brody, in post since 2006 and who continues for a few months of transition.

ISU’ Chairman of the Board Dr. Christian Sallaberger said “ISU is very proud of having tapped such a senior space professional as Gary Martin. His extensive experience and wealth of international contacts in the space sector, together with his deep knowledge of the ISU academics, governance and values make him a top asset from day one”.

Mr. Martin retired from NASA after 32 years supporting space science missions, advanced technology development, technology transfer, and human spaceflight.

He was seconded by NASA to ISU as the Space Studies Program (SSP) Director for SSP06, SSP07, SSP12, and SSP13. In addition, he has been elected multiple times to the ISU Academic Council and continues to lecture and chair Team Projects for different ISU programs.

In 2017, Mr. Martin became a Senior Advisor to the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, where he contributed to the establishment of the Luxembourg Space Agency.

Mr. Martin holds a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering/Astronautical Engineering from George Washington University, dual bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Applied Mathematics from Virginia Commonwealth University and bachelor’s in Anthropology from Colorado State University.

Mr. Steve Brody has been with ISU for 13 years, starting soon after his retirement from NASA. ISU President Juan de Dalmau said “Steve has been a valuable member of ISU’s executive staff, managing ISU’s North American Office in the Washington, DC area. ISU owes to Steve’s hard and professional work great contributions to both the administration and growth of the University as well as its academic offerings.”

Mr. Brody will remain a member of ISU’s executive staff, as Senior Advisor, North American Operations, during a transition phase, until Mr. Martin has relocated to the Washington, DC area in the summer of 2020.

Mr. Brody will not only remain active with ISU during this transition period, but also beyond, both as an ISU Faculty Member and as a newly elected Governing Member of the University.

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