ISP20 Blog – Week 4

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The fourth week of ISP20 was a dedication to the concept of “Family” and “ISU Space Family”. The week started with the ISU Space Family aka the Space Mafia celebrating the last day of ISU Alumni Conference. A special thanks to Julien Villa Masson and all the ISP staff who conducted all the space talks and discussions and helped in bringing the entire ISU family together to celebrate the biggest alumni reunion ever, on an online platform.

However, the family train did not stop there. At the next stop, the crew members got together to share their Monday (10th August) dinner with South Korean Astronaut and ISU Alumni Representative Soyeon Yi. The dinner menu was Scrambled Tofu, recipe dictated by Soyeon Yi and was prepared under her sharp eyes. The event had crew members attending from across the globe with the main nodal point located at the ISU headquarters, Strasbourg, France. The event was a personal one on one with the astronauts and the crew got the opportunity to hear real-life, close to heart astronaut experiences during the pre and post mission phases. To have dinner with an astronaut and to hear their out-of-the-world experiences is surely one of the highlights and unique experiences offered in my opinion by the International Space University.


The last stop of the family train was at the doorstep of family members of the crew and staff. On Wednesday (12th August), the Interactive Space Program ISP20 crew and staff came online with their respective family members and introduced them. This event was a tribute to the family members who assisted staff and crew throughout the program. Stories were shared as to how families were coping with calls happening at midnights in their respective time zones. It was a fun filled moment that brought everyone more close to each other.


However, the family trip would be incomplete without meeting a very important family member: THE PETS. On the same day, a separate event was scheduled, after all the main events of the day, where the crew members came together with their pets to hangout. Introductions were made and the pets were left loose “virtually”. Some decided not to join and the rest just sat there in front of the cam enjoying the Zoom spotlight. Few tears were even shed by those who were away from their pets.


Apart from introducing their respective families to the Space community, the crew members were actively attending Daily Seminars (DS) and Interactive WorkShop (IWS) activities this week too and incidentally all DS and IWS activities also completed this week. Moreover, this week the crew members had to nominate fellow crew members for Class Speaker (CS) and Class Representative (CR) respectively. I surely look forward to the lucky winners of the voting, who will be the CS and CR of the first ISP ever. Lastly, the weekly roundup was completed with the final Crew talks. This time the talks ranged from Space Elevators and Space transportation to Corruption and Security issues in the current fast-paced world. Such variety is only available within ISU.

The ISP journey has not ended, yet. Having achieved 2 milestones – IWS and DS, crew members shall continue onwards to the final milestone – The TM executive summary and report. But will they all survive the last week tension, the drama and the pressure? I feel, this ISP rocket still has a lot of fuel, and with the support of their family members, guidance from the ISP staff and TM officers and in company of their crew mates, the crew members aboard this rocket will reach their final destination and land safely.

Finally, my personal shout out to my ISP colleagues who helped and supported me in this ongoing journey.

Salut la mia space familia!!!!


Shrrirup Nambiar

ISP20 APPS Officer

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