ISP20 Blog – Week 0

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Daily seminars? GO! Workshops? GO! Team mission ? GO! Staff ? GO! Crew members ? GO! Final week before lift off! What an exciting time!

Monday 13 of July, the final stretch begins with rehearsals, because it’s by practicing that you become perfect! Commanders and their officers work hard to make sure every activity goes perfectly. We can feel during the meetings that everyone is excited and can’t wait for the program to begin!

For the crew members, this week has meant workshops. They had the chance to experience Omar Hatamleh’s Design Reflection Workshop and Imre Vegh’s advanced communication skills workshop. Omar was the Executive Director of the Space Studies Program (SSP) at the International Space University (ISU) and is now responsible for technology integration at NASA. The objective of the workshop was to experience design thinking by imagining a wallet specifically designed for a client. The teams came up with some amazing ideas, from flying notecase to GPS powered theft-resistant purse. Imre Vegh is a trainer, a coach and a moderator. He helped the crew to understand the stakes of good cooperation, and also the risks of misunderstanding! These skills will definitely be useful throughout the entire program.

Tuesday, Bastille Day! No meeting but fireworks for the staff in France. On Wednesday, we rehearse more and, as we all get closer to being 100% ready, we gain confidence and rely on each other. We are no longer the sum of individuals, we are a team. Thursday, it’s party time! The officers: Kristyn, Rishi and Lisa, have organized a Trivia and a bingo for all the staff! It was so much fun! We had to talk to each other to find out who has travelled all 5 continents, can play an instrument or has never broken a bone. I didn’t know Paul was a salsa dancer!

Friday, final walkthrough! It’s the last day of the week before the official start of ISP20! Most importantly, the crew members have the opportunity to receive advice for their mission directly from Paolo Nespoli himself. Who better to talk about teamwork and containment than an astronaut!

Countdown begins: 10, 9, 8… Ad Astra !

Léo Baud
ISP20 Officer

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