International Space University Team Projects Help The United Nations

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The long-term sustainability of Space activities is a main topic of discussion at the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS).

The 57th meeting of UNCOPUOS’ Scientific and Technical Subcommittee in Vienna earlier this month showed that debates are long and that significant efforts are needed to come to consensus. International Space University speakers presented recent Team Project (TP) reports as tangible examples of successful international dialogue.

Central Campus Faculty Dr. Taiwo Tejumola delivered a statement in the name of ISU about the University’s contributions to the goals of the UN, and how ISU’s TP process is an excellent school for international learning, intercultural dialogue and interdisciplinary teamwork.

Three ISU alumni presented the results of recent ISU Team Projects of relevance to the meeting:

The TP presentations have been posted on the UNOOSA website under “Technical Presentations” for public viewing, and the recordings have also been posted under Digital Recordings.

Cover Photo: ISU Faculty Dr. Taiwo Tejumola with his former student Scott Ritter (MSS19) during an intersession of the UNCOPUOS meetings. (Credit: ISU)

Photo 1: Members of SGAC and ISU alumni organized a special gathering in Vienna on 7 February, at the margin of the UNCOPUOS meetings. (Credit: ISU)

Photo 2: ISU Classmates Raja Sekhar (left), representing ISRO, and Sandra Vogt, representing ISU, met during the UNCOPUOS sessions one year after their intense SHSSP course in Australia in early 2019. (Credit: ISU)

Photo 3: ISU Team Project “Space for urban planning” was presented by SSP19 alumnus Léo Baud.


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