Interactive Space Program – ISU Calling for Mentors

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ISU is offering the opportunity for engaged professionals in the space community to help with welcoming the inaugural Interactive Space Program (ISP) class also called the mission crew, to the expansive ISU alumni family and provide them with mentoring session and career advice.

Who can be an ISP20 mentor?

  • Adjunct/associate/full member of the ISU faculty
  • ISU alumni

What does an ISP mentorship role consist of?

  • Communicating with the participants as a facilitator to help with their individual understanding of the ISP material
  • Assisting them with their Team Mission work

What will you commit to?

  • Being online for at least one hour within one of the time periods indicated in the commitment description (see Call for Mentors).

Which slots are available?

  • 3 mentorships slots are available between

                        10:00-12:30 (UTC)

on each of these dates:

  • 23 July 2020 Thursday, 24 July 2020 Friday, 28 July 2020 Tuesday,
  • 30 July 2020 Thursday, 4 August 2020 Tuesday, 6 August 2020 Thursday,
  • 11 August 2020 Tuesday, 13 August 2020 Thursday

The description of the mission scenario and further information about the ISP mentorship role can be found here.

ISU alumnus Dr Kris Lehnhardt and former Board of Trustees member David Kendall have already signed up. Be a mentor too, register via the Involve Platform by Friday 12 June 2020!

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