In memoriam – Dr. Angelo Grubisic (ISU MSS05)

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The former classmates, faculty and staff of the International Space University are deeply saddened by the loss of Dr. Angelo Grubisic, a scientist, engineer and university lecturer who had obtained his Masters of Space Studies at ISU in 2005.

In 2004, when Angelo received a confirmation that he was accepted at ISU, he wrote an introductory email to his future classmates that started with the following words:

"I could not believe it when I found out about the ISU. I still won't actually believe it until I'm there. It was one of those things that just never cross my path as I went through life, then all of a sudden WHAM! `You mean there is a place that specializes in exactly what I'm looking for? It actually exists?' I just caught sight of it while surfing the net one day on the Canadian Space Agency homepage, now everything is in overdrive."

The numerous members of the ISU community who knew him will always remember Angelo’s strong convictions and engagement for research and development to make human flight safer and to bring it within reach of everyone. He died while pursuing those goals.

Angelo had remained in contact with ISU over the years as he firmly believed in the the University’s mission of preparing the future leaders of innovation in aerospace related disciplines.

Our condolences go to his family and friends, and to his colleagues at University of Southampton.

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