Happy 25th Anniversary ISU Master of Space Studies from Earth and Space

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The first celebrations of ISU’s Master of Space Studies took place on Wednesday 18 December 2019 at the International Space University’s central campus, in Strasbourg, France. The highlight of the festivities was definitely the video of ISU MSS 2000 alumnae Jessica Meir!

Those celebrations gathered around 100 people including alumni, former staff and partners of ISU. They were placed under the theme “Human Space Flight”.
They consisted in:

  • An astronaut panel including no less than three astronauts – Reinhold Ewald, Paolo Nespoli and Helen Sharman – led by ISU’s Human Performance in Space faculty Dr. Virginia Wotring.
  • The inauguration of Felicette, the first cat in space.
  • Acknowledgement of the first Ariane launch (24 December 1979) with a group picture in front of the Ariane engine in the Pioneers’hall
  • Some testimonies and speeches, and some very vibrant live music!


ISU would like to thank a longtime supporter and sponsor for this particular occasion Lockheed Martin. A representative of Lockheed Martin, Randy Sweet is a board member of ISU. And so was Chris Stott.

Chris Stott is the founder of a successful company called ManSat. Every year he sends ISU the dividend for ISU’s shares in ManSat. And most importantly Chris Stott is an alumnus of the first Master of Space Studies, the class of MSS96. Thank you Chris!

Without any further dues, the Strasbourg Saxophone ensemble lead by Philippe Geiss and his musicians was introduced. Philippe Geiss is a world and out of this world renowned saxophonist.

The first speaker was Dr. Francois Becker. He was not only a Dean of ISU, he is the living memory of the MSS. Ms Fei Fan, a MSS20 student than shared her view of and how the MSS is exceeding her expectations.

The next speaker, Lina Favella was part of the first class MSS96. She acted as the ambassador of MSS96 for this occasion. Lina read out a few words from her classmate Yole de Angelis.

The president of the International Space University, and alumnus of ISU, Mr Juan de Dalmau closed the festivities and surprised the audience with a video from MSS 2000 alumnae Jessica Meir who is currently on the International Space Station. You could feel the emotion in the Cosmos auditorium!

As a small token of appreciation to all, the Season’s Greetings e-card designed by ISU’s freelance designer Joel Christophe was showed in avant-premiere – themed “Msc in Space Studies 25 years!”.

At the announcement of those celebrations, ISU received many messages. Goran Pettersson SSP95 and MSS 2000 wrote: “To me ISU stands for the “joy of knowledge”, and I wish this education institution at its 25th anniversary of the MSS program many more successful years in the future, in order for it to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and then maybe around another star.”

Memories of the day can be found here.

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