Granada and Strasbourg launch a new Space Studies Program for the summer of 2021

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27 November 2020: two cities and two universities to offer one Space Studies Program

Five days of planning by a team of over 50 space professionals have concluded today with an innovative concept and a rich curriculum for the 2021 International Space University’s itinerant Space Studies Program (SSP21).

The planning team has considered the likely public health conditions that may prevail next summer in Europe and how to deliver the intense and highly interactive SSP curriculum in the safest of conditions to the more than 120 expected participants from around the world. Participants and lecturers will be geographically distributed between the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Granada and the ISU Central Campus in Strasbourg. Virtual participation will also be offered in synchronous mode to any participant not able to travel to Granada or Strasbourg. This setup will allow to limit the number of participants in any given location, in strict respect of the sanitary requirements that may be applicable, while taking advantage of remote education tools and techniques that will keep all participants engaged.

For nine intense weeks, from 28 June to 27 August 2021, the SSP21 program will offer an educational and professional networking opportunity in all space-related disciplines through a variety of lectures, workshops, professional visits in the regions around Granada and Strasbourg, and multidisciplinary team projects. The disciplines covered in ISU programs include the following: Space Sciences, Space Policy, Economics and Law, Space Humanities, Space Management and Business, Space Engineering, Space Applications, and Human Performance in Space.

Team projects will study and produce recommendations to decision makers in academia, government and industry on a variety of topics of relevance to the space sector and to relevant applications on Earth:

  • Advanced agriculture and nutrition for permanent space settlements.
  • On-orbit mobility and manipulations.
  • Solutions for construction of a lunar base.
  • The golden human record MK II.
  • International cooperation on the scientific use of the China space station.
  • Intercontinental suborbital commercial liner.

These learning experiences will take advantage of the multiple locations and offer participants a hands-on opportunity to produce quality work in a distributed environment, much like the way future space programs will be conducted with teams on Earth, on orbit and other locations in the Solar System. More details on the curriculum are available here.

The academic content will be delivered by around 150 experts from the ISU Global Faculty and from sponsoring organizations such as the commercial satellite communications operator Hispasat, the Astrophysics Institute of Andalucía (IAA), government space agencies, universities and corporations from around the world.

Interested candidates to attend SSP21 need to demonstrate a clear interest in pursuing a career in the space sector, have completed at least bachelor-level studies in any discipline and have a good level of English. All activities will be conducted in English.

Applications are open until 31 March 2021. A wealth of financial help schemes is available through ISU to those candidates who submit their full application by 31 January, with scholarships and soft loans offered by the European Space Agency, national space agencies from France, Italy, Portugal, the UK, Eurometropolis of Strasbourg and a long list of sponsors in numerous countries, as outlined here.

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