Goodbye to Laurence and her Telstar

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It is with great sadness that Mrs Sylvie Mellinger, ISU’s Administration and Finance director announced the sudden death of our colleague, Ms Laurence Heiser which occurred on 12th May 2021. Laurence joined ISU and the finance unit as accountant in May 2015.

President Emeritus, Prof. Walter Peeters recalls:

“When we interviewed Laurence for her recruitment, two aspects immediately became evident, her stress-resistance and optimism!

Both proved to be correct. Laurence worked very diligently and was very organized. I often got a bit lost in my own claims but knew I could always count on Laurence to rectify if needed, based upon a remarkable orderly processing system she managed in her office. Also, even under periods such as an audit, when accounting stress is high, it was remarkable to note how accessible and quiet she remained.

The other aspect was her very optimistic nature, which started already in the morning. When most of us were still coping to start the day, she put her head from time to time in an office and really radiated with full optimism, which made it easier for others.

That optimism also reflected itself when she started to have first health issues. Although she was aware that there was no definite cure, one of the first priorities was to make a few trips still, one of her biggest hobbies. As a soccer player, she never gave up and when effects were unavoidably propagating, she did all she could to cope as good as possible, never giving up or becoming pessimistic. She was simply a born optimist, under all circumstances!
I could nicely tease her about soccer, and could still hear her laughing loudly when I was already far away… Her laughing was characteristic for her openness and optimism, and I will never forget it…
It is sad to lose such a wonderful colleague, but it is impossible to forget her.”

Laurence was passionate about football, coaching and sports in general. She was curious, adventurous and open to others. She loved travelling around the world – her travel map looks like an SSP locations map! She was also very fond of street art – her world-renowned nephew’s art was often a topic of discussion at ISU.

All colleagues agree to say that Laurence was a very positive and solar person.

We will miss a wonderful colleague and friend.

Dear Laurence – Take your Telstar* with you wherever your next destination will be. RIP.

* Telstar was a football made by Adidas. The 32-panel design of the ball, based on the work of Eigil Nielsen, has become the standard design now used to portray a football in different media. The name came from the 1962 Telstar communications satellite, which was roughly spherical and dotted with solar panels, somewhat similar in appearance to the football.



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