Dr. Vasilis Zervos

Economics and Space Policy

BA in Economics from the American College of Greece
M.Sc. from the University of Birmingham, UK
Ph.D from the University of York, UK


Dr. Zervos has taught topics in the area of Economics and Business at the University of York from 1996 to 1999 and Nottingham University Business School from 1999 to 2007.

Research Interests

Industrial Economics focused on the Space, Aerospace and Defence Industries, as well as, Economics of Innovation and Foreign Direct Investment. Teaching responsibilities have focused on the economics of the space industry and space agency procurement; also on undergraduate and post-graduate teaching on micro and macro-economics, trans-national enterprises and various business and economics modules. Has supervised numerous MBA, MSc and MA dissertations in various business and economics topics.

Publications include

Swings and Roundabouts: Acquisitions in the UK, Adjustment Costs and Productivity Changes (with Aoife Hanley), International Journal of Economics and Business (forthcoming).

Whatever Happened to Competition in Space Agency Procurement? The Case of NASA, Journal of Applied Economics (forthcoming).
Space for Savings, Government Opportunities, 2-4, October, 2005.

Novel Approaches to Space Cooperation, International Space Review, 4-5, Issue 11, December, 2005.

The Importance of Co-ordination in National Technology Policy: Evidence from the Galileo Project (with Don Siegel), Prometheus, Vol 23, No 2, June, 2005.

Integrators in Defence: is there a Trade-off Between Gate-Keeping and Innovation?, conference paper, 9th Annual Conference on Economics and Security, June 2005, UWE, Bristol, U.K.

Novel Approaches to Space Cooperation: The Formation of Transatlantic Multi-Public-Private Partnerships, conference paper, the 56th International Astronautical Congress, Fukuoka, Japan, October, 2005. Paper No: IAC-05-E3.2.05.

The Evolution of European and US Aerospace and Defence Markets, Frontiers in Finance and Economics, Vol 2, No 1, December, 2004.

Can Commercial Space Programs End the Post-Cold War Space Race? A Theoretical Model Applied to the Galileo Public Private Partnership, conference paper, the 55th International Astronautical Congress, Vancouver, Canada, October, 2004. Paper No: IAA.

The Impact of the US Strategic Defence Initiative on the Space Race, Journal of Defence and Peace Economics, Vol 15, Issue 4, August, 2004.

Demand for Space Expenditure and the Space Race between NATO and the USSR: An Econometric Analysis, in Levine, P and Smith, R (eds.), Arms Trade, Security and Conflict, 2003, Routledge, UK.

Strategic Research Partnerships and Economic Performance: Empirical Issues (with Don Siegel), Science and Public Policy, Vol 29, No 5, October 2002.

The Impact of European Co-operation in Space on European Space Efforts: Lessons for the Future, conference paper, the 52nd International Astronautical Congress, Toulouse, France, October, 2001. Paper No: IAA-01-IAA.3.1.06.

International Competition in Lower-Tier Space Firms: Benefits and Policy Guidelines for Europe and the US, conference paper, the 51st International Astronautical Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, October, 2000. Paper No: IAA-00-IAA.3.1.09.

Protectionism in Europe Revisited: The Case for an Integrated European Space Policy, conference paper, the 51st International Astronautical Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, October, 2000. Paper No: IAA-00-IAA.3.1.10.

The Markets for Launching Services and Industrial Space Policies in Europe and the US, conference paper, the 51st International Astronautical Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, October, 2000. Paper No: IAA-00-IAA.4.1.04.

Novel Approaches on Cooperation of Developing Countries in Space, Journal of Space Policy, 67-68, Vol 15, 1999.

A View to the Future: Trans-Atlantic Space Firms and US-European Industrial Policy Co-ordination, conference paper, the 50th International Astronautical Congress, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, October, 1999. Paper No: IAA-99-IAA.3.1.09.

Competitiveness of the European Space Industry, Lessons from Europes Role in NATO. Journal of Space Policy: 39-47, Vol. 14, Issue 1, 1998.

The Impact of Government-Controlled Markets and Output Incentives on the Competition between the US and European Space Industries, conference paper, the 49th International Astronautical Congress, Melbourne, Australia, October, 1998. Paper No. IAA-98-IAA.3.1.04.

The Economics of the European Space Industry: The Impact of the Government Space Market on Structure, Conduct and Performance, in Haskell, G and Rycroft, M (eds.), New Space Markets, 1998, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Netherlands.

Other Activities

Academic referee for various Economics Journals in the fields of Industrial Economics, Defense Economics, Applied Economics and Economics of Innovation and Technology Policy.

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