Dr. Tricia Larose

Dr. Tricia L. Larose is the Principal Investigator for Tumors in Space (TiS) with the University of Oslo, Norway. TiS is a paradigm shifting cancer research experiment at the intersection of stem cell biology and space technology. TiS has been selected by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and the China Manned Space Agency for a 31-day space mission on board the China Space Station.

Tricia is a Medical Advisor at the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Norwegian Armed Forces Medical Services in Oslo, Norway. She is a Scientist-Astronaut Candidate with Project PoSSUM, a published children´s book author, and motivational speaker.

Dr. Larose is Co-Chair for the Human Performance in Space Department, SSP21 having previously joined SSP at a participant, TA, VL and twice previously as HPS Chair.

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