Dr. Reinhold Ewald

Reinhold Ewald completed his studies in experimental physics with a diploma in 1983 and Ph.D. of University of Cologne in radio-astronomy in 1986 with a minor degree in human physiology;

Member of German Astronaut Team in 1990 and later ESA Astronaut Corps in 1999;

Spaceflight mission training in Star City, Russia, 1990-1997; 

Spaceflight to the Russian MIR space station 10 February – 2 March 1997;

Responsible manager for ESA flights to the ISS 2000-2004; 

Head of operations in the ESA Columbus Control Centre in Munich from 2005-2011.

Teaching spaceflight operations at Technical Universities Munich and Aachen; now full professor at Stuttgart University (since 2015);

Lectures on educational, scientific, and operational aspects of human spaceflight (HSF);

ISU experience: member of faculty; regular HSF lectures for MSS and ESC courses and participant of ISU Astronaut panels; workshops on life & work in space for SSP sessions in Can, Aus, and F; TP Chair Human-Robotic Cooperation for SSP 2011 in Graz; TP Chair Next Generation Space Station for SSP 2012 in Melbourne FL/USA.