Dr. Liang Chen

Chen Liang is a senior engineer at Beijing Interstellar Glory Space Technology Co., Ltd. He is responsible for the thermal environment and thermal protection of launch vehicles. He has achieved aerothermodynamics design for two types of solid rockets. Now He is researching high-precision aerodynamic thermal predictive technology for the hypersonic reentry of launch vehicles, and developing reusable rocket thermal protection structures. He has conducted a verification test in a suborbital rocket flight, which validates the thermal environment prediction and protection method for the grid fins of reusable launch vehicles. He also writes several popular science articles on the corporation’s own new media platforms, each of which receives tens of thousands of readings.

Previously, Chen worked in China Aerospace Aerodynamics Academic from 2014 to 2018, where he designed the thermal protection system and developed new technologies for hypersonic vehicles. He accomplished aerodynamic thermal environment prediction, thermal protection structure design, and ground or flight test assessments for several types of hypersonic vehicles. And he also undertook several national research projects on innovative thermal protection technique. He conducted out theoretical research and experimental verification for various cutting-edge thermal protection technologies for hypersonic cruise vehicles and spaceplanes.
In 2008, he earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering from Beihang University, Beijing, China. He received his Doctor of Engineer in 2014, also from Beihang University. His academic focus was on basic theory in the liquid rocket propulsion system, including heat transfer, phase change and flow of propellant during his Ph. D. period.


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