Dr. Antonio Yukio Ueta

Yukio holds a bachelors degree in Physics and a masters degree in Plasma Physics, both from the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

He completed his PhD in Experimental Semiconductor Physics at the Johannes Kepler Universitaet- Linz, Austria.

In 2018 he retired from the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research – INPE, where he had the opportunity to work in the areas of technology, research and management.

Firstly he was responsible for the deployment of Chemical Contamination Analysis Laboratory at LIT / INPE (1985-1991);
then he became a Senior Technologist at the Associated Laboratory of Materials and Sensors – LAS / INPE (1991-2003); and finally he served as Technical Assistant to the Director of INPE (2003-2006) and Technical Advisor to the Director of INPE (2006-2016).

During his career at INPE, he participated in a technical training at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science- ISAS, Japan, from September to December 1989, having accompanied the final integration of MUSES-A satellite and MUSES-A Lunar Orbiter.

At the International Space University he was a participant of SSP07, studying in the Satellite Applications Department. He served as Deputy Academic Coordinator (SSP10) and Academic Coordinator (SH-SSP11, SH-SSP12).

Currently he is a public speaker on the benefits of space activities for mankind and member of the Organizing Committee of INPE’s Winter Course of Introduction to Space Technologies.

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