ASC20 – Without An ISU Scholarship We Could Not Have Attended ISU

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The International Space University (ISU) is launching the Annual Scholarship Campaign (ASC20). It will run from 15 October to 10 December 2020. Donations can be made via ISU’s one click online donation process or via Facebook. Help us raise 15,000USD.

Alumni who benefited from an ISU scholarship admit that without this financial support they would not have been able to attend an ISU program. Thank you to the ISU community for opening those doors and making a career in the space sector possible.

ISU Master of Space Studies MSS20 student Iliass Tanouti explains what receiving an ISU scholarship means to him: “I am a space engineer from Morocco,… . The only reason I could attend ISU is because I received a scholarship from the university…”. Full video will be released shortly. Stay tuned!

The annual scholarship campaign aims to raise funds to allow students and professionals from around the world to attend programs offered by the International Space University. Those programs include the Master of Space Studies, the Space Studies Program, the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program and possibly new online programs.

In this year of covid-19 YOU can again make a difference by HELPING a promising student from an UNDERREPRESENTED community attend the ISU program that HELPED YOU in your space career!

To thank you for your generous upcoming donations we have prepared the following!

  • 50euro/60USD – get a blue ISU face mask
  • 150euro/170USD – get two ISU face masks, a blue one and a red one, and an ISU branded vegan soap
  • 1000euro/1200USD – get 10 ISU face masks, one ISU bronze medal engraved with your name, and feature on ISU’s website under the “sponsors” section (if you wish)

We have simplified the online donation process. Click here and choose your currency! We will provide you with a receipt for tax declarations and returns. You will also have the possibility to donate via Facebook.

We hereby declare the Annual Scholarship Campaign (ASC20) “Open”. Donate Now!

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