A three-day Journey on Space Resources Utilization Led by CSM ISU and LSA

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Tremendous success for the first online edition of the Space Resources Professional Course (SRPC) co-organized by the Colorado School of Mines CSM, International Space University ISU and the Luxembourg Space Agency LSA.

Angel Abbud-Madrid, the faculty lead for this course took the 82 participants from four continents and from all backgrounds and industries on a “mining” journey to space and back. On the way participants learnt that Space Resource Utilization (SRU) or In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) is the use of natural resources from the Moon, Mars and other bodies for use in situ or elsewhere in the Solar System.

The lectures covered resource identification, collection, extraction – a range of extraction processes to produce useable resources have been proposed, such as oxygen production from lunar regolith, extraction of lunar ice and construction of habitation by 3D printing – processing, and utilization systems under development. Also discussed were economic and technical feasibility studies, legal and policy issues, and space exploration architectures and commercial ventures that may be enabled by utilizing extraterrestrial resources in the near future.

The curriculum was delivered by experts from four organizations:

Chris Welch is ISU’s Master of Space Studies program director and professor of Space Engineering.

Angel Abbud-Madrid is the Director of the Center for Space Resources at the Colorado School of Mines. 

Mathias Link is Director of International Affairs and SpaceResources.lu at the Luxembourg Space Agency.

Christopher Dreyer is the Associate Director for Engineering of the Center for Space Resources and faculty member of the Space Resources Program at the Colorado School of Mines.

Alexandre Meurisse is a research fellow in Lunar ISRU at the European Space Agency – ESA.

And a guest lecturer from ispace, a lunar exploration company with a vision to extend human presence beyond Earth: Mr. Carlos Espejel.

Christophe Bosquillon, Founder & CEO Autonomous Space Futures Ltd – a SRPC participant – writes: “It’s been an amazingly intense 3 days packed with value beyond our wildest expectations.” And later this week in the Luxembourg Space Resources Week chat, Chris commented: “The SRPC is an excellent course packed with outstanding value. It also provides participants with a number of useful and immediately actionable frameworks, starting with the evaluation of accessible Moon-based space resources from assumed to proven reserves. “

Hannah Currivan, an engineer from Ireland comments and thanks her group work teammates: I have had an amazing 3 days. I have learned so much about space mining, utilization plans, policy, socio-economic, space structure and construction and also an amazing group project, to utilize resources on the moon! We came up with using solar energy to power a communications and navigation network on the Moon! Thank you to my amazing teammates, Konrad Nieradka , Kyeong J Kim, and Ya Chun Wang.”

Just like the first edition – in-person in 2019 – many ISU alumni attended this popular course.

Congratulations to all 82 participants for their engagement and excellent teamwork and good business ideas. Similar team exercises have become successful space start-ups: SPIRE and PLANET for example, were founded by ISU alumni who took advantage of their Master’s year at ISU to learn from faculty and visiting experts, from their classmates and to mature the business idea that they already had in their minds.

We wish all participants successful career paths and successful new business lines for their employers. Participants will be surprised by how much of this success may derive from the contacts they have made during these three days.

We thank all the speakers and partners including Bob Lamboray representing the Luxembourg Space Agency. A third edition of this Space Resources Professional Course is already under discussion. Stay tuned!

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