A message from ISU’s ISP20 Mentorship Officer – Antonino Salmeri

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Listen to ISU’s freshly appointed ISP20 mentorship officer – Antonino Salmeri – an International Space University SSP19 alumnus, talking about the Interactive Space Program and ISU’s first online alumni conference! The video is available on ISU’s Youtube channel – share the link widely!

The items below can be found in full in the June newsletter.


ISP20 – Additional mentorship slots available

It is your opportunity to help with welcoming the inaugural Interactive Space Program (ISP)

class and provide them with mentoring sessions and career advice. Check out your mission and register via the Involve Platform by Friday 12 June 2020!

Interested in being a mentor but not available during the mentorship slots defined within
the ISP curriculum? Send an email with your availability to – the newly appointed ISP
Mentorship Officer – Antonino Salmeri SSP19  <antonino.salmeri@community.isunet.edu>
and schedule a post-activity slot!

Check out your mission and register via the Involve Platform by Friday 12 June 2020!


ISP20 – Your skills in the spotlight

For ISU’s first online course, we require skills which we know we can find amongst the talented ISU community! If you can support the ISP mission with either:

Your video editing skills (AfterEffects, …)

Your graphical design skills (Photoshop, …)

Your operational skills (IT, AV, …)

Your public outreach skills

Or wish to tell us about your ideas and possible contributions to ISP,

Go onto the Involve Platform and visit the ISP support section!


ISU Alumni [Online] Conference 2020

Share Your Ideas and Register for the First ISU Alumni ONLINE Conference!

Taking place from 7th to 9th August 2020.

Further info about the conference will be posted here.

ISU Alumni Conference 2020 registration site.


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