SSP 800By making a gift today you can demonstrate your continued commitment to the International Space University and have an impact upon current as well as future students.
ISU's goal is to build an interdisciplinary, international & intercultural community for space exploration. With your gift, ISU will be able to train the best and brightest students!
From providing support for vital teaching resources, to facilitating the life of student activities while at ISU or aiding research which will have an effect on a global scale, your gift will make a real, immediate difference to ISU and its students.
Donations can be unrestricted, to allow us to respond quickly to emerging needs. ISU's unique educational model has launched many successful careers and contributed to a considerable number of collaborative efforts.

Your gift can continue to provide students from all over the world with this opportunity.

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ISU needs you! ISU's goal is to build an interdisciplinary, international and intercultural community for space exploration. Your gift will allow us to maintain our standard of excellence.

You can change a life! Your support will help ISU to keep training the best and brightest students! It will in particular help students of emerging countries to fulfill a dream and take a step towards their future careers, by supporting their scholarships.

Give back! For ISU Alumni, giving back is a way to honor the community that helped them succeed. Take the chance to provide the same opportunities for future students as you were given!

It is easy! Just give online, or fill the pledge form and send it back to ISU. Every gift counts and the size of your gift is entirely up to you. Donations of all amounts are vital and will allow us to respond quickly to emerging needs.


SSP RL 52The international and intercultural dimensions of the International Space University are reflected in the composition of its student body, alumni of ISU programs come from more than 100 countries, and the faculty and Board of Trustees, who come from the countries that have led in space exploration and development. Essential to the continued growth of the space sector and its potential to benefit ‘humanity’ is ISU’s unique capacity to meld the academic pursuits of its students through a curriculum model that focuses on, not only interdisciplinary expertise necessary to successfully advance space related initiatives but also on the importance of an international approach to solving the compelling challenges of space exploration and development.

As the global interest in space expands, maintaining an international and intercultural prospective increases in importance. To ensure that there are the necessary resources to continue outreach, not only to the prospective students from countries with space on their agenda, but to countries still seeking the challenges and benefits of space exploration the 25th Anniversary Campaign whose goal is “Access and Excellence” is embraced by ISU’s Board of Trustees.

Join us in supporting our efforts to expand and enhance all ISU programs and continue to reach out to students and faculty worldwide.


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staff4ISU invites contributions to an endowed scholarship fund to honor the memory of Morla Milne whose untimely death at age 33 ended a devoted career in support of the University's Space Studies Program.

This fund is intended to support one or more annual scholarship awards to students in the Space Studies Program.  The amount of such awards will be determined each year based on the available proceeds from the endowment.

Donors wishing to support this fund may do so in several different ways:

1. Gifts may be made directly to the endowment fund where they will be held in perpetuity in accordance of the Fund's Agreement of Gift.  Only the annual income from such gifts will be expended on scholarships.
2. Gifts may be made in support of current scholarship awards in which case they will be used no later than the next academic year to make scholarship awards and will not increase the endowment.
3. Gifts may be pledged over several years.  Such gifts whether to the endowment or to support current scholarship awards will permit us to plan on the amount of scholarship assistance available to honor Morla's memory.
4. One creative option combines all of the above and invites donors of $1,000 or more to join the 50-50 Club in Morla's memory.  Here a pledge of at least $1,000 over 5 years would result in 5 annual payment of $200, half of which would be placed in the Morla Milne Memorial Scholarship endowment and half of which would be awarded in current scholarships.

Whatever your choice may be, please help us to honor Morla's memory by making a generous gift to this fund.  If you are already a donor to our Annual Scholarship Appeal, please consider your gift to Morla's fund as an effort over and above your usual generosity.


or download a Pledge Form and send it back to ISU

transnationalTransnational Giving Europe (TGE) covers 16 countries and is at European level the only existing practical solution to support a beneficiary located in a foreign country with all the tax advantages in the country of residence of the donor. Donors can give their gifts to the national TGE partner that will transfer the gift to the foreign beneficiary and provide all the national fiscal advantages to the donor (income tax deductibility). Thanks to TGE, ISU can ensure income tax deductible gifts for their foreign donors and launch tax efficient fundraising campaigns in other TGE countries. The list of the associated organizations is depicted below, and more info can be found under:

As far as the ISU modalities are concerned:

- All donations to ISU via these organizations will lead to the receipt of a statement which, in accordance with the regulations in your country, can lead to tax deductions.
For further information on the applicable rules per country, click HERE.

- In order to benefit from this, the relevant procedure and reference number to be used will be given to you by the ISU administration via email.

All of ISU’s fundraising campaigns including the Annual Scholarship Campaign, Buy a Seat, the Morla Milne Fund are eligible and donations can be made via a TGE partner.

taxe apprentissageDevenez acteur du développement de l’International Space University ISU, en versant votre taxe d’apprentissage a l’ISU. Decouvrez les projets financés grâce à la taxe collectée.

Versez votre taxe d’apprentissage en mentionnant:
‘pour le compte de l’ISU’ - code UAI: 0672968M.

Votre appui est essentiel pour :

  • pérenniser la réussite de l’ISU,
  • l’aider à poursuivre ses projets,
  • améliorer en continu la qualité de son enseignement et
  • accroître son rayonnement international.
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