ISU Annual Scholarship Campaign

SSP RL 52The international and intercultural dimensions of the International Space University are reflected in the composition of its student body, alumni of ISU programs come from more than 100 countries, and the faculty and Board of Trustees, who come from the countries that have led in space exploration and development. Essential to the continued growth of the space sector and its potential to benefit ‘humanity’ is ISU’s unique capacity to meld the academic pursuits of its students through a curriculum model that focuses on, not only interdisciplinary expertise necessary to successfully advance space related initiatives but also on the importance of an international approach to solving the compelling challenges of space exploration and development.

As the global interest in space expands, maintaining an international and intercultural prospective increases in importance. To ensure that there are the necessary resources to continue outreach, not only to the prospective students from countries with space on their agenda, but to countries still seeking the challenges and benefits of space exploration the 25th Anniversary Campaign whose goal is “Access and Excellence” is embraced by ISU’s Board of Trustees.

Join us in supporting our efforts to expand and enhance all ISU programs and continue to reach out to students and faculty worldwide.


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