The Night of the Three Eyes by ISU MSS17 HPS

A red carpet, paparazzi, backdrops and other props set the scene for the delivery of the Human Performance (HPS) in Space assignment from Stethoscope to Tricorder – The Human Visual System, led by Medical Doctor Volker Damann.  

The assignment was intended to provide participants with the opportunity to look into a specific human system, the eye, from a broad perspective. During the briefing ISU faculty, V. Damann stipulated:

“The presentation shall include a minimum 3-minute and maximum 5-minute video-clip, where the video shall be the prime feature of the presentation. And represent 70% of the final mark.”

mss 3eyes2The participants, split in five teams, compiled in less than 5 days, video clips worthy of any B-movie science documentary! Explaining with simple messages the history of visual system, the evolution, optical systems and optical aids in diagnostic and therapy, color vision and optical illusions and finally the vision and optics in Science-Fiction.

Some chose to act out themselves the concepts they were trying to get through to their classmates. Some others screened the documentaries available on the web and spliced. Others used drawing through software like ixplain. “Making the video is hard, especially matching the voice with the drawing. And you need to think about the audience, use colors. And come up with a strong storyline.” Said Meredith who described how physical optics work.

When the audience was asked to take part in an illusion in space test by determining which dots were in the foreground and which ones in the background, they quickly grasped theories like motion induced blindness or dynamic prospective condition! “Astronauts see the moon flat. When you are in space make sure you don’t fall for illusions!” recommends Nicolas who was part of the illusions team.

It was no surprise when the jury composed of ISU SSP director Dr. Omar Hatamleh, ISU Faculty Volker Damann and Danijela Stupar and teaching associate Peter Thoreau announced:

“And the winner of the 2017 ISU night of the Three eyes for best movie is … Team number one – Visual History of Vision!”

Gloria, team one member said:

“Whilst doing some research, it quickly became evident which information we would choose for the presentation and which anecdotes and other milestones we would use for the video.”

The ophthalmologist and his patient would be the recurrent characters throughout the different ages of time. We then picked the cast and crew. Sergey and Nicholas [also both won the award of best actor] were natural fits to respectively play the doctor and patient who would systematically try to kill himself when diagnosed with an eye problem. The video left the audience in stitches. “And best captured the nature of the assignment and ISU’s 3I approach”. Said V. Damann. See by yourself!

The MSS17 starry-eyed movie strivers come out of the Galaxy auditorium stepping onto the red carpet like Hollywood celebrities climbing the Cannes Festival Palace stairs surrounded by paparazzi and camera flashes. Another ISU B-movie attaining cult status?