The Making of Venus – ISU MSS19 Poster Competition

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, said ISU Prof. Hugh Hill. International Space University (ISU) Master of Space Studies MSS19 student dr. Fabio Zecca, a medical doctor continues: “Never has this famous saying been more faithful to reality.

Using graphic art, assisted by very few sentences, ISU students summarized millennia of mythology, centuries of research and decades of technological challenges concerning the planets of our Solar System. The Assignment 1-3, directed by Prof. Hugh Hill, turned out to be the umpteenth success of the involving teaching method signed International Space University, where the triangulation between science, competition and fun gets always translated into a complete and deep way of learning.

Each group, composed of five to six MSS19 students, undertook research on the seven planets of the solar system, excluding the Earth. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were studied mostly from the point of view of scientists and engineers who shaped our knowledge of those astrophysical bodies. The students have been asked to look for detailed informations, endearing pictures, and an efficient graphic methodology, in order to frame in a 841x1189mm format the essence of the planetary scientific research. Highly demanding have been both the poster requirements and the whole final inspection - the latter made by a severe jury, which included amongst others Prof. Volker Damann, Prof. Hugh Hill and Prof. Taiwo Tejumola. Dry and straight questions, which unmercifully investigated the groups’ gained knowledge related to the seven planets and the characters that mostly participated into their discovery.

And the chills of the winner group announcement? Pure high voltage suspence, with a Volt-er Damann literally electricized by such an amount of astronomical informations: after couple of minutes of brownian motion through the Campus’ main hall, the enhanced electronegativity of the professor brought him to land onto the surface of Venus, hence resulted the winner of Poster Competition MSS19.

Which is going to be the next posterized topic? The transplutionian objects? The sideral evolution? The secrets of astrobiology? It is too early to tell. For now, my advice to MSS20 and future students is: start to practice in the marvelous world of digital art!”


Dr. Fabio Zecca, M.D. introducing his team’s poster “the making of Mars” to the members of jury

Cover Picture: Winning team of the MSS19 Poster Competition “the making of Venus”: students Ignaty, Aurelio, Eoin, Hannah, Sarah
Pictures credits: ISU