The ISU Team Project Reports available for all on the ISU Library website

The International Space University Library is the repository for student reports, across all ISU programs including Team Projects and White Papers. Team Projects are available in full-text for the ISU community and the rest of the world.

Being much downloaded, they are one of ISU’s  flagship product.

Team Projects since 1988 have been digitalized and are easily available on the Library knowledge portal. Click HERE  to obtain the complete list of Team Projects produced by ISU students since 1988 or go to the Library website at  and select “Find Team Projects” in the ‘Quick Access’ box.
Hereby an example of reports which were regularly downloaded (status February 2017):

Top ten of downloaded Team Projects between 2013 and 2016

(Nb of downloads/ Team Project title)
6578    Alone?: a discovery sourcebook for astrobiology (2002)        

6131    Shine: Space for a health information network on Earth (2011)

4495    SolarMax: a space weather survival guide (2013)

4265    H2Ope: Tigris Euphrates and the global water crisis (2011)

3768    Connects: the role of satellite communications in the development of rural and remote regions (2004)

2903    Tracks to space: technology research advancing cooperative knowledge sharing (2003)

2629    Go SSP: guidebook on small satellite programs (2011)

2149    ASTRA: asteroid mining technologies roadmap and applications (2010)

2105    BRIAN: the brain for an integrated arctic network (2013)

2050    CHARM: cooperation of humans and robots for Mars (2011)

We are also reminding all interested that everyone can submit ideas for future Team Projects. The number of downloads is hopefully also encouraging potential sponsors to make suggestions!