The International Space University partners with SpaceCrowd

Many ISU alumni wish to become space entrepreneurs or have interesting business ideas. Privatizations of major space infrastructure activities as well as new possibilities in the sector of downstream space applications are increasingly offering such opportunities.

Currently, crowd funding in that domain is typically charity based. This offers limited possibilities for business oriented financing. A new initiative is targeting investors on an equity based financing possibility  which is exclusively dedicated to space: SpaceCrowd.

Financing those endeavors remains a challenge for the young space entrepreneur. Venture capital or private equity is difficult to obtain during the initial phase of a space enterprise. Recently booming crowd funding is becoming more popular in the present sharing oriented society and therefore facilitating fundraising.

SpaceCrowd is an equity based crowd investing platform, backed by a sophisticated investors’ club, intended to provide seed capital and early stage start-up financing in the space environment.

In order to provide assistance to its community, ISU is supporting this initiative, from the start - with the purpose to interface between ISU participants and alumni and the financing community. This also fits with ISU’s strong wish to encourage its alumni to enter the entrepreneurial community e.g. by continuing their research or business plan development during the second year of the MSS program in Strasbourg. An agreement is also under negotiation with the local authorities to provide physical room in the ISU building, in order to stimulate such start-ups in the space sector.

The financial construction of the fund is based upon a concept developed inter alia by ISU alumnus J. Kreisel (SSP93).

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