Support International Space University - ISU 4.0

ISU sustains its position at the Campus in Strasbourg by signing a new 15-year lease agreement. It therefore will have access to more physical space and we can start envisaging a next step in the ISU success-story, with your help also!

In 2017 the first ISU experiments will be launched to the International Space Station, in particular the SMiLE experiment and the MMARS1 experiment. Further steps are taken to launch an experiment, named Ice-Cube, at the end of 2017. Additional plans are envisaged to stimulate incubator activities for alumni and involvement in research for students performing a thesis year at ISU - also via a follow-on MMARS2 experiment. One obvious example would be to build a clean room at ISU to allow, in the future, for assembly and integration of experiments or for general research support.

All these activities will enable ISU to propel from the known outstanding education institution towards an additional dimension of incubator and research activities - hence the ISU 4.0 slogan.

To perform this step, we have to invest. And at this time of the year, we therefore address ourselves to you, our alumni and supporters. Help ISU to fulfil this dream and support us financially.

We remind you that all US donations will result in a tax receipt. In most European countries such donation can be made tax deductible using the Transnational Giving Network (further explanations can be found here).

We thank you in advance for this essential support.

With big thanks!

Walter Peeters,
President, ISU