Successful First Executive Space Course in Seattle, USA

“The ISU ESC is the most complete and inclusive way to integrate the technical and the financial aspects of space. Further, the course inspires and helps to think innovative ways to make a change in the space sector” compliments Jose Ocasio-Christian, managing partner, Caelus Partners.

Mr. Ocasio-Christian is one of 15 pioneers who took part in ISU’s Executive Space Course’s (ESC) first edition in Seattle, USA. His classmates, forming a cohort of 15 in total, emphasize also the quality of the course.

“The quality of the material (and quantity!), and quality of lecturers was great. The facility and tours of companies were also excellent”

said another participant. The feedback survey confirms this statement: 91% of the participants mentioned that the course exceeded their expectations!

escseattle2Organizations that trusted ISU and encouraged their employees to take part include, Blue Origin, Vulcan Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, NASA Ames, Museum of Flight, OMNE Group, SAIC, Caelus Partners LLC, Esterline Engineered, U. Nebraska.

ESC Seattle is an initiative of two alumni, Erika Wagner SSP01 and Ofer Lapid SSP08. It is based on ISU’s unrivaled ESC which has been running on central campus for the past 14 years. It aims to introduce non-technical professionals to the space sector and help them develop a basic understanding of the different facets of this sector. With a budding space industry and a growing collaboration with the Museum of Flight, Seattle was the perfect fit for this first ESC in America.

The dates for the next session will soon be announced, check the program webpage regularly!